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Our Core Values

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We are Green Circle Certified

The beauty industry creates 877lbs of waste per minute, with Green Circle Salons we strive to change that. As the world faces a serious global climate change crisis, it’s important – now more than ever – to stand up together and make change happen. 

Where Does our Beauty Waste Go?

After collecting weeks worth of beauty waste, we simply ship the waste to Green Circle Salons and, together with their partners, they turn it into new products and clean energy. This also offsets our carbon emissions, which means our salon services are carbon neutral.


We Are a Safe Space

We pride ourselves here at Asymmetry Salon and Barber in being a safe space for any and all individuals. We will not turn away any client based on race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc. We also offer a private room separate from the salon floor to give clients the comfort of a personal space where they can feel free to be themselves without worry.
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